Digital Art & Design

Fantasy Art Portraits

I love the creativity that the digital age affords us.  Not only are our cameras intuitive and provide creative in-camera effects, but taking an image and creating a fantasy image is both challenging and fun.



My images and designs are available for purchase from my online Gallery and Store in a range of great gift ideas: Cards, Wearable Art, Throw Pillows, Totes, Draw String Bags, Prints, Journals, Device Covers, Studio Pouches and much, much more.

Shop Wearable Art

What’s more fun than wearing art? Click on the links to see my Check out my unique designs and images on Pencil Skirts, leggings, and scarves.

Shop Stationery

Looking for a gift card?  Love art or creative writing?  Perhaps you just want a beautiful notebook to give to a friend as a gift.   Check out my unique designs and images on Gift Cards, Spiral Notebooks and beautiful hard cover Journals.

Shop Great Wall Art

Looking for something to brighten up a blank wall or nook in your home?  Take a look at my extensive range of photographic images; landscapes, waterways, animals and birds, flowers, vintage vehicles and machinery and much, much more.   Click on these links for posters, photographic prints, art prints, framed prints, canvas prints and metal prints.




Individual and family Portraits

For my parents 20th wedding anniversary we had a family portrait taken of my siblings and myself, every 10 years thereafter another family portrait was taken…until there were four.  Each of these four portraits, hang proudly on their walls chronicling the lives of their four children (and the hair styles of the decades – yep even big 80’s hair lol).

A portrait not only captures a moment in time, it captures love, laughter and family.  Let me take a snapshot and freeze a moment in time for you and your loved ones.




Your wedding story

I pride myself on being able to tell your wedding story through images; the beauty, the passion, the love, the laughter and the magic of your wedding day.


Deborah McGrath has over 30 years experience as a photographer.  She was given a camera as a gift as a young girl and developed a life long passion for capturing memories and story telling through the lens of a camera.

Come with her on a journey of learning, self discovery and creativity as she shares her world with you through the lens of her camera ‘One Click at a Time’

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